Svetlana Shevetovskaya
Director of the studio #

Dear friends!                 The ability to dance, as well as the ability to walk, speak, is laid in each of us. After all, dance is movement to music. A dance with a loved one is a dialogue. The ability to dialogue is already an art.                 In our studio we not only teach dance movements, we teach people to listen to music, their body, follow and trust the partner, keep the balance. This is all that is needed in everyday life. After all, we learn constantly new technologies, learn languages, acquire new knowledge. And about the body is very often forgotten. And the body language can very often help us express our feelings and emotions! Just do not forget about it. Our mission is to teach our students not only to move beautifully on the floor, but also to enjoy life, to enjoy communication, to enjoy their successes. We have a very friendly team of like-minded people who love their work, strive to make this world kinder, more beautiful and brighter! We are always glad to see you in our studio "GolDance