Орел&решка. New level of events

Орел&решка. New level of events

You can congratulate us, we have just come to a new level - holding events!

On July 6, we held an unforgettable corporate evening from our Goldance dance studio for Golden Tile. Corporate travel style, from all the favorite show "Eagle & Reshch", which gave the courage to all present!

We have made it impossible for many of us to dream of - letting us visit all continents and feel the atmosphere of each of them in one evening.

During the event, many quests were waiting for the quests, who step by step brought them closer to reaching the main goal - to collect all the puzzles of the broken card, to unravel the coordinates on the map and find where the main treasure was hidden.

Contests and interactions on the subject of travel helped to regain knowledge of geography and learn a lot of new and interesting things. The end of the evening was in the atmosphere of inflammatory dance and karaoke, where everyone could break free and open up new talents.

It was incredibly fun and noisy! And for us it was a special event, because it was also a new experience! We can say for sure - our actions are the separation from reality in the flow of everyday life.

If you have long dreamed of an unforgettable event, now you know who to turn to - we will help to realize desire in reality!

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