Your questions

Dancing is just that skill that leaves no one indifferent. And even the quietest person, at least once in his life, but fell into a situation where he would dream of being able to dance! So what is holding back those who want to learn, but finds reasons to refuse themselves in this hobby?
Your questions
With what to begin?!

You just have to decide and come! Personal and group classes are the perfect combination for achieving the fastest possible progress! If you still think that the skill to dance well is not useful to you in life, you will very soon notice how many opportunities you really miss: corporate parties, wedding of friends, any business parties. Not to mention how much fun you will get dancing with your second half, making a surprise learning before that a few dance tricks. You can not only travel, but also participate in the worldwide dance events! Dubai, Vienna, New York - at all these events you will feel easy and at ease! "Shall we dance?" - "Of course! Waltz, tango? "No doubt! Enough to take the first step and in the spring you will go to your first tournament in Venice!

What dance should I choose, I do not know what I can do?

Your first lesson will be held personally with the instructor. He will show and tell about all the advantages of each direction! Any your idea - salsa, bachata, waltz, and maybe you'll learn how to dance to the rhythms of modern music? You will try that dance or even dance that you yourself want.

I do not have a partner for dancing.

You have nothing to worry about, our teacher will be your partner! As well as group workouts take place in a relaxed atmosphere where the trainer keeps an eye on that every student has no difficulties in training. Believe me, good results will not keep you waiting!

I'm worried that it will not work out

With the ability to dance are not born! Training in our studio - does not mean exhausting training and choreography accessible only to the chosen ones. We do not demand, we teach easily and with humor, so that you will definitely get it! And little of this, you will like it so much that you can not imagine your life without dancing!

How long does it take to learn?

And what did you learn in life from the first time? Our training system includes stages through which you systematically improve your skills. You will develop muscle memory, overcome the fear of speaking in public, learn not to think about every step, but to live a dance with all your heart!

What to wear on my first workout?

The only condition is comfort. Your clothes should not restrain movements, and shoes "stick" to the floor (sneakers, for example, have this property). You will be comfortable in any shoes with a soft sole, and later you will pick up your shoes. In this matter, we too can help you)

The GolDance team is a professional in their field who believe, support and inspire new achievements. Your success is our common result, and we value it above all! We are waiting for you, in our studio, to help realize your dreams!

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