Insight from our couple

Insight from our couple

Recently we took a small interview with our dancing couples and fined out how dances changed their lives!


Vitaly, the head of the department of technical management, the company "Kyivstar", and Tanya, the owner of a small business.

Goldance: How long did you think before you went to class?
Tanya: I've always wanted to dance all my life and, finally, I'm ripe.
Vitaliy: Actually, Tanya wanted to dance for a long time, I even gave her a couple of certificates, but the whole thing quickly ended, she went around once or twice and everything. Then it became clear that it was time to go to help her, in this difficult business - to learn to dance.

G: What were the emotions after the first lesson?
T: I was delighted !!!
Q: There were a lot of emotions, and even a slight euphoria. In fact, the story of how I came to dancing is rooted in the recent past, when our kuma suggested that we register 30-40 goals for a year and try to implement them, and so, in my first list there was an item to learn how to dance a waltz , and for the third year I still think that I will fulfill this desire

G: What's the phenomenon of pair dancing?
Q: It's intimacy and very different feelings, a sense of freedom, especially when you get it.
T: It's very close to a married couple, common interests, feel the look, the emotions of a person, this is a new facet of the relationship.
G: In 3 words, what would you say to people who still doubt?
T: Do not even doubt it.
Q: "When you think it's too late, in fact, it's still early," is a quote from the "Games of Thrones", it seems to me very much to the point.

Another of our pair - Lisa and Aldi:
Goldance: Tell me, where is so much awareness in decision-making?
Aldi: I can not deny cat's eyes to Lisa when she asks for something, especially if I know that it's important to her
Lisa: And I just really wanted to dance with him.

G: What do you think, what example do you send to other couples?
L: I want people to see that it is possible to do many things together and how pleasant it is.
A: And that you need to continue to win each other even after you already have each other.

G: What is your greatest value in training?
A: Learning to listen to each other
L: To feel each other in a new way.

G: In three words describe the value of dancing in pairs?
A & L: Proximity, sincerity, unity

And another couple Xenia and Oleksandr:
Goldance What prompted you to come to the dance?
Oleksandr: My girlfriend, Xenia, has tightened me, and I'm very grateful to her, thank you, because it's very cool.
Ksenya: I was attracted to this idea for a long time, and I was looking for opportunities to drag Sasha to the dance.

G: Do you think dancing influences relationships?
A: Yes, dancing allows you to feel a person better.
K: It's also an opportunity to see how we behave in new stressful situations, because yet dancing is still a new experience for us.

G: Are these situations in the dance, maybe they're connected to life?
A: In those dances that we have studied so far, tango and waltz, it becomes clear that, firstly, it is important to feel and listen to each other, and secondly, that one sets the tone and the other follows ... There is a sequence .
K: And that this order was required to communicate.

G: Tell me, is this a valuable time spent here - together? And would you recommend dancing to other couples?
Oh yes of course. One hundred percent would recommend, even if first you were tightened by force, it's worth it !!!



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