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Танцевальная студия Goldance

Dance studio GOLDANCE - a place where people dance with pleasure, open themselves, respect and appreciate each other. Our students are engaged in a medal system designed and certified in America - Dance Vision ...
  • A team of professionals
  • Accessibility for any age
  • The method is a professional-amateur
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Reviews about the studio
Max & Marina
Max & Marina
15 May 2018
Create an atmosphere ... It's good to be a great Goldance instructor! The atmosphere where you are not ashamed of yourself, your body, your still not perfect movements ... The atmosphere, where at the end of the first lesson you can (at least for a second: wink :) feel like a master of foxtrot.                          You want to come back there ...                          For couples who have long been looking for quality time together, we recommend that you try the fabulous atmosphere of the Goldance studio!
Anna Shokur
Anna Shokur
10 May 2018
An incredible place! Guys charge with emotions so much that you go home back and jump on the face, no matter how hard it would be a day before class! Vladimir and Pauline - thank you for opening the world of dance for me.
Tatyana Ivanova
Tatyana Ivanova
01 May 2018
A special atmosphere created by special people! Thank you!

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